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Virtual School Tours week!

Virtual Tours Week: 22 nd -26 th June 2020 Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday   Thursday         Friday              The Natural History Museum-London San Diego Zoo Monterray Bay Aquarium Tate Modern Art, London Longleat Safari Park - Wiltshire, UK Monday: The Natural History Museum London: Link: Introduction: Having accessed the link, you will see a map of the museum. You can move through 3 levels (ground, first and second ‘floors’). These levels can be seen at the top right hand corner of the screen. By clicking on the dots on the map, you can start the virtual tour. Activities: 1:  Start at ‘first’ (floor level) and record the names of some of the rooms/halls that you choose to enter. 2:  Also write a list of some of the animals that you see along the way. 3 .
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Virtual Active Week

Put down your books and put on your runners! This week is all about being Active! The aim is for every child to do 60 minutes activity a day. Each day we have a Daily Starter with one of our teachers to get everyone on their feet. We also have an activity for you to do each day and a challenge set by some of our teachers who love to be active! We are also asking everyone to run the Daily Mile and add to our Daily Tally and see how far we can run in a week! On Wednesday there is a link to PAWS water safety programme. We normally teach this in June so please follow the link and do this very important lesson with your child. We really want to see how everyone is getting on, especially with the teacher challenges so please upload your videos and pics to our padlet. (link below) All the information you will need is on the school’s Active Blog. It can also be found on our Virtual Active Week padlet.  

Hayden is learning some new cooking skills!

Hayden has been spending time outside enjoying the glorious weather. Have you all got a chance to get outside? Hayden has also been learning some cooking skills! He wanted to cook Sunday dinner for his family which is a lovely idea! This is a time where you can get the chance to pick up a new skill and a big well done to Hayden for giving something new a go!  Beautiful drawing by Hayden Looks delicious!

Suggested work 8th-12th June

Hi everyone, here we are in June, can you believe it! Next week is going to be Sports week, we will have less work and more exercise for you to give a go! I am sure you will be delighted to hear that! Well done on all of your hard work the last few weeks and thanks again for sending me on your updates. Stay well and have a great week 😊 If you have any questions or updates, email them onto For reading the students each have a profile on Epic! ( ) Sign in here, click on your profile and pick a book: Our class code is: lwy3832 Anyone who wants to email about learning support, you can send an email to Ms Smyth at : Monday 8 th June Reading: continue to read next 4 pages in book or go onto profile page   website : Password: lwy3832 Maths : Pick a times tables that you want to